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  • OctoberCMS Woes

    Posted in Reference on Dec 21, 2016

    Despite building this entire site around octobercms it has come to my attention that their forced use of markdown is limiting my ability to produce content. A new solution will have to be found and coded. Bummer.


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List of my projects:

  • settings_ethernetIPXEBOOT

    This is a boot menu script for IPXE.

  • stay_primary_landscapeI2C-LCD-Display

    Use sensors and API's to show realtime data on a cheap raspberry pi LCD.

  • perm_scan_wifiInformeshion

    Building a wireless mesh network with off the shelf IOT devices. Hasn't got off the ground yet.

  • gamesBradCraft

    Scripts related to automation of the Minecraft server.

  • codeScript-Bank

    The Script-Bank is a repository of useful snippets of code.

  • webWebsites

    Different websites I've built for myself.

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Khan Academyclose

Khan Academy has provided with me a lot of direction and confidence. I challenge you to create an account and learn something cool.


Minecraft Server


This is just a hobby server that I update when I get time. It hosts several maps and teleports.

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PAC Statistics

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The PAC is an annual meeting where program coordinators from the Niagara College Computer Systems Technician meet with employers. The meeting gives employers a chance to offer suggestions in the direction of the program.

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